Festival chef brings you a series of 'almost' all inclusive weekenders.

Intimate weekends, blending a unique dining experience with classy cabaret and a banging band!
We'll provide the entertainment and you just bring your tent and your favorite tipple.

Cabaret provided by:

Roll up, Roll up, and welcome the stage
Leon Simmonds!

This Ringmaster and sorcerer will take your minds,
bodies and souls on an epic quest of mind-melting-magic and laugh out loud fun!

Leon has been wowing audiences and hosting his own events for over 10 years, so prepare to lose your minds, in the best possible way!

Tilly Twist

is a dedicated lover of all things circus. Favourite skills include juggling, hula hoops and being upside down.
For the last 15 years she has made it her buisness to entertain, amuse and share her skills with the world.
She works regularly with Circus Pazaz and Juggling Inferno amongst others, impressing audiences everywhere with her dexterity and showmanship.

Ed Mondo

All for your pleasure, a certain treasure comes from the underworld, summoned from the dark, a pyromancer, a volcanic pyromantic!
This spectre is the line between twilight and whats below for as long as there is light, there is shadow, a captivating hysteria, a stimulating deliria.

So, time to extricate yourself, disencumber and unclasp your acquiescence for during this eventide your minds will be torn asunder for this is no fallacy or fantasy. A fiery mark from the paladin of the dark, an exquisite charismatic enigmatic.

Your Musicians:

June Friday 18th-20th:
Ushti Baba, Duncan Disorderly, Bea Everett, Henry Shanks, Matthew_One_Man

Ushti Baba

Riotous folk fusing hypnotic transEuropean melodies with heavy bass and modern dance rhythms.
Beatbox-driven foot-flinging fervour to get you bouncing and soaring harmonies that pierce the heart.
Ushti Baba has been tearing up venues and festivals at home and abroad since 2013.
The Bristol-based 7 piece pay warm tribute to their trad folk roots whilst bringing a fresh perspective that fiercely captures the attention of crowds.

EP 'a class issue' was released in January 2020: five tracks of unique, undeniable acoustic rave, with tales of ghost ships, ancient cosmology and forgotten popes; with tastes of klezmer, sea shanties, slip jigs and beyond. Youth lends his magic with a bonus dub mix of original Morris-thrash track Industry.

Duncan Disorderly

It will defo jus be me and no scallywags unfortunately, maybe don’t big me up too much lol, but write what ya see fit, il jus be doing a few quiet tunes tho

OK Duncan!
If you have a favorite festival band Duncan is probably in it!
Frontman for the Scallywags, he is the founder of the the Good Times Music Label & the Scallywag Festival.
A chance to enjoy a rare solo set from Duncan Disorderly...

Bea Everett

is known as a folky, soulful, theatrical singer and songwriter, who tells stories with honest, poetic lyrics and tear-jerking vocals. Her primary accompanying instrument is the piano, but also writes with the guitar and ukulele, giving variety to her sound/genre, drawing influence from musical theatre to Radiohead and much in-between.
Without a doubt, her strongest instrument is her voice, using a vast range and deeply expressive tones to deliver her poetic, story-like lyrics.
Bea’s debut album, Russian Doll, was released in January 2020 and is currently working on her upcoming album: Landmark.

Henry Shanks

Henry (The movement of sound) creates ambient and driving melodic piano music on his rescued 60 year old upright.

He spent most of his adult life on he road all over the world drawing inspiration from many different cultures and collaborating with so sorts of musicians.

Originally from New Zealand, Henry has been UK based for the past four years and loves wheeling his piano out into beautiful natural settings and fusing nature's wonder with his music.

Matthew One Man

An Egham based artist using a loop pedal, guitar and a wide range of techniques to sculpt sonic landscapes.

Taking inspiration from all different genres of music and weaving them together to create his own unique sound.

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These sensational (almost) all-inclusive events will have a touch of class, you'll see.
Do you want to hear great music and have the taste of a festival without the smell of the Glastonbury toilets?

By attending one of these events, you'll not only be helping support all of the artists and crew regain some of their livelihoods but you will also be helping support the East Brighton Food Cooperative in helping support struggling families during these unprecedented times.

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