Dinner on the Downs

Giving you a truly special dining experience. If you don't have a location in mind, I have a few suggestions.
To make your evening a little more special. If you'd like to make your evening that little more special. Some of those very artists I have the pleasure of calling friends, who, if available could come and serenade you as you dine, give you a mid course show or even recite a story as the twilight sets in.

The idea came about from spending a summer with my partner, in some stunning locations. One day as we sat and ate, watching another beautiful sunset; we spoke of how nice it would be to give others a taste of this experience.

That was the moment the idea was born. To give you the 'feel' of a restaurant outside I've cooked many different meals, for many different people in many different locations before. From Prince Charles at Syon Park to crews and artists at festivals.

I hadn't until now cooked romantic meals for 2 in picturesque outdoor settings.

Now we've found a venue, let's talk food...

  • Starters
    • Pan-fried cucumber in breadcrumbs, on the vine, roasted cherry tomatoes, spring onion, fresh croutons and basil.
    • A selection of paprika roasted seeds on a bed of rocket, grated cucumber and courgette. Served on lightly toasted sourdough bread and house dressing.
    • Pan con tomate, grated tomato and raw garlic served on lightly toasted sourdough bread, drizzled in Portuguese olive oil.

  • Mains
    • Chicken or halloumi with mushrooms in a leek and white wine sauce, pan-fried broccoli and garlic, sesame new potatoes and steamed kale.
    • Beef or tofu bourguignon, dauphinoise potatoes with fresh asparagus and pan-fried courgette.
    • Butternut squash and sweet potato tagine (lamb optional), with a roasted tomato and fresh coriander couscous salad.
    • Fresh local artisan bread is served with all main courses.

  • Desserts
    • Lemon soufflè served with fresh berries drizzled in chocolate.
    • Cream cheese and cookie, chocolate-dipped balls and raspberry coulis.
    • Toffee and caramel Chia not cheesecake on a ginger snap biscuit base.

All ingredients are ethically sourced and organic. Freshly cooked on-site.

Dinner on the downs dining experiences starts from £190 for 2 people.
For larger groups give us a shout!